Become a Senator

To contribute to our club, you can become a senator. By doing this, you will receive some benefits such as:

  • Instantly a citizen of the Grand Republic
  • Have a voice in our Senate to propose laws and make changes
  • Meet the chancellor himself, either by video chat or in real life (This is a big thing!)
  • Respect from all our citizens
  • Represents your home planet in the senate of the Grand Republic

Become a trooper

You could become part of the army of the Grand Republic. The benefits for becoming a trooper are

  • You are going to get trained like a real soldier.
  • You will protect the Grand Republic from any danger
  • You will also instantly become a citizen

Become a citizen

You can just become a normal citizen of the Grand Republic and just be a part of our community without doing anything.

We have a lot of other jobs too. Head on over to our Contact Us page, and you can get started!